Brandon, I do not use FCP


I do not use FCP but I scan photos into my pc using a basic Dell all-in-one scanner/printer/fax unit. Once the file is in Jpeg I use Adobe Photoshop to cut away the unnecessary elements. This could be as simple as using the cookie cutter tool or as complex as the magic lasso that allows you to trace around your subject and create a separate layer. You then disable the background layer and now you have an exact cut out of your subject. You can then zoom in and use an eraser to clean up any rough edges it might have missed. You can also erase inside the edges of your newly shaped subject. Those areas become transparent when put into another program (Premiere Pro, etc). The only catch is that I have found that if I don’t save it as a Photoshop file (Jpeg for instance) some programs do not recognize it. If you make the cuts and save it as a Jpeg then it applies a rectangular matte to the background negating your work in Photoshop. Some programs like excel have a picture tool bar and allow you to specify a color to make transparent but it isn’t very thorough. The edging is not as precise and if anything on your subject is the same shade that you specify, then it will become transparent as well.

Bottom line; give Photoshop (or similar program) a try. It works for me.


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