Boy… that’s a bunch of B


Boy… that’s a bunch of BS! One of my first cameras was a Sony DCR TRV-70 and I haven’t any problems yet (knock on wood). It’s about 3 years old as well.

After looking on your links I think I can feel your pain. I know what I would do if it was me. I would smash it all up with a hammer, stuff it in a box and send it to SONY’s repair department with a nastygram inside. You think that with a chronic problem like that they would make good on fixing them.

I have 2 GL2’s and I love them. They have all of the features I need. If there was any fault it would be that they aren’t the world’s best low-light camera but all you need is a little added light and it’s fine. Other than that they are very sweet! The picture is AMAZING!

The camera that you were going to get (VX2100) is probably one of the better ones if not the best low light camera out there. I was actually going to get this one but I had a need for more optical zoom so that’s why I went with the GL2.

I would ask around the fourm about the VX2100. I know a lot of guys use them and I have yet to hear any crap on them. You’ll just have to treat the TRV33 as a bad deal and a bad-engineered camera.

Besides… it’s two years old already. Treat yourself to a new one to go with your new PC.


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