Boy, on your budget you’ll


Boy, on your budget you’ll be hard-pressed to find a super great camera, but if you spend every penny of that $1200, you might be okay.

My advice would be more in the realms of being careful who you buy from. Thre are a lot of places out there that will sell you cameras like the Canon GL-2 (great for the stuff you mentioned) or the Sony VX-2100 (Even better than the GL-2 in lower lighting) for around your price range. In short, they’re rip-offs. They sell you open-box gray-market goods that are probably illegal to sell in the US to begin with, and definitely unethical to sell or buy.

Before you buy a camera, ask us about the shop, or better still, head on over to and look them up yourself.

I would suggest using B&H ( or a local service if you can. If I can’t physically touch a camera before I buy it, I at least buy it from someone I know that professionals trust.

Other than that, you’re really on the right track. Try to find a 3CCD camera that you can plug a mic and headphones into, not to mention Firewire.

Have fun spending our taxes! X-D

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