Boy, it took a while but I


Boy, it took a while but I finally located the information I needed. It was on page 161 of your Operations Manual. If you don’t know where your copy is, I copied the link to the PDF version on Toshiba’s web site

Page 161 describes how to adjust your recording settings. You want to set the recording bit-rate to the largest setting, which I think is 9.2. You must also make sure you haven’t accidentally altered your picture record settings. These settings are a likely problem area, assuming the DV signal delivered via Firewire is sent more or less directly to the DVD. But let’s get that bit-rate to the max, the picture record mode set to standard/auto and the input black level set to standard. Make a short recording & see how it turns out. If this doesn’t help, we’ll have to move on to the next possibility.

Let me know how it goes.

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