bout as bad for the camera


bout as bad for the camera as it would be for you….but wait a minute……you wear clothes……
there’s an idea!

1) protect your camera from the cold….make or buy something to keep it warm and dry.
2) seal it in a plastic freezer bag when bringing it in from the cold to prevent condensation (let completely warm up before opening bag).
3) hotshots chemical handwarmers on the battery and tape compartment will keep the batteries from dying from cold and tape from snapping and becoming brittle.
4) I prefer to cut the sleeve off an older parka, sew velcro to the cutoff end to seal over ny jaket and hand, and poke the lens out the hand hole, with a uv filter on the lens. attach (tape) a couple hotshots to the camera (battery and tape compartments) and away I go into the snow!

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