Bouncing off the ceiling is a


Bouncing off the ceiling is a great technique but your wideshots are going to be limited since the ceiling will be very, very bright compared to the rest of the room.  Depending on the room, you may be able to bounce from behind the camera.  A larger lamp like a Joker 800 or a 2k into a white silk positioned above and behind the camera can add a nice wash to most rooms but you're talking larger and more expensive lights.  Really, the setup depends widely on the environment.  If the participants are around a conference table in a small room, you can cross key using some Kinos to help fill in eyeballs and separation from the wall.  If there is a rostrum up front with a speaker at a podium, I'd use fresnel fixtures like a 650 or 1k which have more throw and position the stands behind the 3rd or 4th row.  Mixing color temperatures can be tricky.  My advice is to not try and overpower the house light, only augment it.  White balance the camera if possible with a card at the speakers' position.  If that isn't an option, grab a balance from the ceiling or any area that's got a good mix of your light and house light.



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