Bought my 1st videocam in


Bought my 1st videocam in 2008 and after becoming popular with the local live bands, one of them got me the gig to do a wedding reception inside a local restaurant/bar near Atlanta.

The lighting was poor and I didn't know I was going to need separately recorded audio of the band, but it came out quite good in spite of that by adjusting what color I could, adding some clip effects and tweaking the audio.

The lead singer told me both he and his wife cried when watching it. The bride and groom haven't seen it yet(traveling in Europe still) but I hope it has the same effect. It's a gratifying feeling to be able to induce such emotions thru ones editing work.

I hope to shoot an actual wedding at some point, mainly to try and give it a new spin and take the stuffiness out of it so it is palatable by all, all the way thru. For now tho, it was a great 1st practice at it.

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