Both the challenge and

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Both the challenge and despair of modern distribution is that the rules are not yet written …


With 16,500 views and 97 subscribers, your audience is too small for any significant financial reward. For example, you need hundreds of thousands if not millions of subscribers to make half-decent money as a YouTube Partner.


The best thing to do is work on increasing your audience — both their numbers and their engagement. Email addresses are worth more than YouTube subscribers or Facebook "Likes" or Twitter Followers; perhaps your website can offer visitors the chance to subscribe to a regular email newsletter with exclusive content. This can be simple text, or a PDF attachment; either way, you might even include ads in it.


Two keys to building an audience are a tight focus — and it sounds like you've got that: motorcycle rides — and regular updates. If your site promises "A new video every Thursday" or "… on the third of the month", you'd better deliver. If your updates are irregular, or if there's a long time between them (a problem over the winter, I gather), you give your viewers a chance to forget you.


Josh Rimer offers a free e-booklet on YouTube marketing for signing up at his website: (Full disclosure: I attended one of his talks, and found it helpful.) might be worth a look.


I too would be interested in further resources people have to suggest.


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