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While we all here don’t know all of the details regarding your experience let alone your personal situation, I’m afraid that "birdcat" and "comp" are right. In starting from scratch, you can expect to spend approximately, $2500.00 for a decent PC with monitors, $6000.00 in cameras (you want at least 2), $1000.00 in tripods, between $1500.00 and $1700.00 for software, and another $1000 for mics and lights. These numbers are sort of on the conservative side but none the less, you’re talking over $12,200.00 to get you up to speed on hardware only! There are other start up business expenses involved too if you are serious about starting your own business.

The one point that was made, and this pretty much goes for anyone trying to be the best at whatever they are trying to do, is that experience is the key. All of the gear listed above will be useless if one doesn’t know how to effectively use it. Sure you can read and learn a lot, but it is still an art to get everything to come out and look right. If you’re not under any time frame and you have time to ease into everything and to learn all there is to learn, then by all means go for it. I guess what I’m saying is don’t expect to be turning out Academy Award wining projects right away. It takes time! 😉

I’m not sure about everyone else here but for me, it seems that every new project I do, is better than the one I just did.

When I need a real good laugh, I just pull out one of the first projects I have ever did and watch it. I then ask myself, "what was I drinking?" X-D

Good luck my friend and may your camera always say focused.


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