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I too have been in television production for along, long time and very experienced. But I’m here to tell you to chase your dream as we all did at one point or another. Considering the vast amount of people who shoot for years without any ‘usable, functional" knowledge of how to shoot, it isn’t a pre-requisite and you start by shooting.
The very first event I ever picked up a television camera and shot…AIRED! My training consisted of a news producer showing me where the "on/off switch" was, how to "white balance" and how to "focus". Other than that, the only other thing she told me was, "good luck."
Yes, good gear costs money, but you shouldn’t be too impressed with all the bravado that people tend to spew about how much stuff costs and which gear to buy.
Better to find someone doing it already, see if you can tag along on a couple of shoots and see if it’s for you. Then see if someone will mentor you for a while so you can develop some skills. Step into the shallow end and don’t spend one pennie before you’re sure this is what you want to do.
75% of my gear comes from E-Bay. It’s a trusted source for finding great gear at tremendous savings.
In short, pursue your dream with vigor. Don’t let anyone discourage you. Don;t be scared off with costs or lack of experience. Everyone had their "first shoot". Find a mentor. Learn everyday. And remember, video production isn’t rocket surgery. No one’s life hangs in the balance if you make a few mistakes. Learn from them and go on….like everyone else does.

All the best in our new career!


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