bobcypheruk, can you post


bobcypheruk, can you post the language Magix uses that says you can’t do that (or a link to it)? I’d like to read it. It is interesting. I think the posts above are correct about music–you can’t use it in your own productions for any purposes, commercial or otherwise–you can just listen to it. But with your music creation software, I’d like to hear more.

To be a copyrightable work it has to be a work–a creation, not just a sound. The maker of a guitar or electric pianosynthesizer can’t claim intellectual property rights in the songs you create with his instrument. But if a musician composes a song, she can claim copyrights to that work.

I’m not familiar with Magix but it appears (to me) tobe ina grey area between musical instruments and a CD of composed songs.

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