Bob, there is lots of sage


Bob, there is lots of sage advice from the replies that you have received so far. The moreweddings and other events you shoot, the more you will learn and the value of your work will increase. If you search through these forums, you will discover an ample supply of adviceon equipment and techniques for all of your video making needs from helpful and generous posters.You can find info onthe equipment that Earl mentioned, from the top of the line down to the very basic stuff that will get the job done on a budget. As youenter into this business,you will probably want to look at the latter with the idea that you can upgrade as your skill and resources increases. Practice shooting video, practiceediting video and when not doing that read reference material and visit here and other forums like this. Keep shooting and good luck.

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The best laptops for video editing — 2021

For video editors, finding the perfect portable workstation is like catching a unicorn. It is no easy task to find the perfect balance of performance vs price point.