” I am beginning my first documentary about the life and times in my old neighborhood, and I would like to interview some of the people that I grew up with.

Of course, I could use the built-in microphone on my camcorder, but I would like to use a lavalier microphone as I believe I would get a better audio result. “

No doubt you would! Have you paid attention to the miniature lavalier mics worn by all on-camera newsfolk? Really, that’s just about all you need to know . . . unless you ARE planning on purchasing a wireless system as Pseudosafari assumes. Hard-wired lavs are, as one might suspect, significantly cheaper than a wireless, and could possibly work out well for you . . . unless you’re planning on some medium-distance or full-figureshots while the subject is walking around.

If you are planning on future productions, then you should plan on buying the very best you can afford so that you won’t have to upgrade any time soon. A good hard-wired lav can be found for around $ 100; a good wireless system can be found for $ 400 to $ 700.

As a videographer, you’ll most likely be looking at new camera gear in the future, and that’s where you should spend your money.

Rick Crampton

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