bluewaterz – if you want a


bluewaterz – if you want a large sensor interchangeable lens video capable camera for less than $1600, I would get the $750 Panasonic GH2. Close to zero moire – unlimited video clip length (unlike the Canons, which limit you to 12 minutes) – and its autofocus works in video mode (no autofocus in video with the 7D or the T3i). In addition, the Canons’ optical viewfinder goes blank in video mode, while the Panasonic’s electronic viewfinder is still usable.

The GH2 also has better video resolution than the Canons. Here is a side-by-side example with the 7D (see the details in her jewelry and the trees in the distance):

Here is a side-by-side of the GH2 and the Canon 60D that really shows the moire problem (same sensor and video processing algorithm as the T3i and 7D):

I was convinced to sell my Canon T2i when I tried to autofocus during an important Christmas video and got unusable footage. Yes, it was my fault for not knowing that it wouldn’t work – but as soon as I discovered that the GH2 had video autofocus, I moved over to Panasonic. I’m not a Canon hater – I still have some Canon glass, so I’m ready to switch back when they get rid of the antiquated DSLR mirror and can meet the GH2’s video specs. But, until then, I’d stay away from Canon ‘video’ DSLRs.



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