blueblade3000, I came across


blueblade3000, I came across this post and it's a couple months old, so first, can you update us on your decision. I am always curious about this kind of camera question. Since you are asking for advice on cameras, I will have to assume your experience is limited. Also, you did not mention the reason for asking for camera advice. I think the advice posted above is excellent and and you won't go wrong with any choice. What I wanted to contribute to this post is the importance of non-camera factors and what they mean to a good production. Particularly important is a good story. Following is a clip of a documentary shot with an iphone 4s. Using a good soundtrack and some basic editing, the production is actually quite good. I would propose that you probably own adequate equipment to produce a very good film. Don't overlook the basics and control your costs, at least until you have developed a solid porfolio.


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