blackout Wrote:I haven’t b


blackout Wrote:

I haven’t been able to find any professional or Mastering tapes at local stores . I wanted to see if they make a huge diffence . My Camcorder is one of the Panasonic 3ccd cams


The most significant difference from Plain Old DV tapes and Mastering or Professional tapes is the gratitude of the tape reseller for the huge difference in profits.

For the type of video production that most of us shoot, there is absolutely no difference except the price. We, in general, don’t tend to reuse tapes. We shoot, we download, then the tape goes on a shelf or box for storage. As a result of this light use, the durability of the coating or “robustness” of the tape stock is of little value. If, on the other hand you tend to reuse tapes until you can see through them, then go for the more expensive stock.

Most of the stuff you read in the marketing hype is just that – marketing hype. Signal to noise, for example, is an analog measurement and means nothing in the digital realm. Yet, a better S/N is used to sell you the perception of a better (more expensive) tape product. The most ridiculous one is a major tape manufacturer that claims you will get better color if you use their MiniDV tapes. Digital is digital, and the data are identical no matter what tape brand it’s written to.

Don’t believe anything your tape supplier says – they only know the marketing hype and want to sell the product with the highest margins.

Steve Mann

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