Birdcat, Thanks for



Thanks for sharing the fruits of your labour.  I am now very happily retired from this kind of job: making lemonade from lemons, and seeing your work reminded me of the difference between a Profession and a Trade. A Tradesman looks over the best efforts of others and pours scorn on it, but the Professional soothes the client, assures them they have come to the right (maybe only) person to rescue them ever-so-discretely from the mess they find themselves in.  There were only three things that protected me from terminal depression: total arrogance (I really was the best at this kind of stuff), my amusement when the client expresses their status by sharing some minor disappointment about some aspect of your miracle rescue, and being “reassuringly expensive” in my billing. And when I cringe at the memory of past projects, I just look at all the wonderful things the ineptitude of others has bought me. Bless all my benefactors!

Great work. Pacy music, fleeting shots.  A mix of stills, captions, soundbites.  And include a shot of the person paying your bill. Ah, takes me back… (actually wild horses wouldn’t take me back into that quagmire!) Look forward to your fee. :-))

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