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Birdcat’s quotes,“Simply put, you cannot burn 1920 X 1080 to regular DVD.”Yes, you can!“You will not be able to burn anything more than 720 X 480 (SD for DVD) onto a standard video DVD.”Sorry, not true. AVCHD DVD’s are HD & compatible on some Blu-ray players, but not all. BDMV is another style of DVD that full HD can be recorded on DVD media & playable in full HD on some Blu-ray players. Naturally, the disc will not play on standard DVD players.My PC only hasa DVD burner & I was able to burnfull 1920×1080 HD as a AVCHDDVD project (edited & rendered with Vegas 8 @ 29.97 frames interlaced or 24P as well) using Nero Vision that played perfectly on my Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-ray player in full HD, no up conversion as you suggest. Nero renders AVCHDDVDs @14Mbps only & D/L DVDs can hold 70-75 minutes of AVCHD video. It does support separate audio/videostreams. The software is very DVD-like as it supports 1st play video to main menu, chapter pages & highlited buttons. I’m also aware that several other software makers support this format as well including ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme.My editing software is Sony Vegas 8 Pro & I have also tried this with Sony DVD A5, but, it only supports BDMV which is incompatible with my player. BDMV DVDs are better in the sincehigher bitrates can be used +wider audio support at the cost of shorted video time. I understand BDMV DVDsare compatiblewith some Blu-ray players, being its Sony software probably Sony Blu-ray players, but I can’t state that as fact! Their players also support BDAV, which as I understand it, is AVCHD camcorder video recorded in full HD on a DVD without 1st play & menus.The point is why buy a Blu-ray burner when you can do thiswith your DVD burner? The highest bitrate for a pro AVCHD camcorder is 25Mbps, most are consumer AVCHD camcorders are 13-17Mbps.That’s perfect for AVCHD. BDMV supports up to 40Mbps so we’re talkingHD broadcast cameras &for that you’d need a BD burner to maintain quality!


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