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I make all parties aware that I provide conversion technology, this video will be online, to be consumed by third parties. Both videographers and bride/groom couples know the rules. So far I have only gotten videographers who use music, no vocals. Sounds to me like MIDI music or instrumental of some sort.

I expect videographers respect their art enough to pay for audio which enhances their final product. But I certainly understand that money is tight and the point of view of some video pros who opt not to share his/her work among 500 viewers so that extra payments don’t accrue. It is a give and take business, though. By having more people see the video it’s more likely more people will purchase video services. But by not sharing video one can save money on audio royalties.

But good point. When I start getting videos which are generously using top 40 hits, who gets the money? Does it depend on how many users watch? Or how popular the music is? Do music industry heads charge videographers more if say, YMCA is used? or some Menudo tune from the 80s? While I am good at technology, I am not a lawyer.


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