Birdcat, I hear you. I use



I hear you. I used to think the same way about ‘fullscreen’ being the ‘real image’. For some reason, folks like your wife and parents (mine too for that matter despite their son ‘the directah’) can’t equate the letterboxed image is what you would see were you in the theater (yes, I know that 16×9 is not the actual motion picture aspect ratio.) I guess some people are more comfortable with what they’re used to. I’ll never forget when letterboxing first came out and they showed a copy of ‘How the West Was Won’ first in SD 4×3 and then letterboxed and explained how SD cut out 2/3 of the image I was sold. Now when I buy DVD’s I specifically look for the ‘widescreen’ version (though they’ve decided to charge more for them).

My suggestion of letterboxing is ‘the least painless option’ in this situation. Even shooting it 16×9 while keeping the area of interest with 4×3 markers will still end up squeezing the image on a SD set. Sirbobls will have to make the choice to shoot it one way or the other. However, I’d be willing to bet his potential customers might groove off the ‘cinematic’ feel of seeing their local dancers on the screen with those same black lines just like the one’s on the DVD’s from Walmart.

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