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At our current max upload bandwidth, your 10 min clip will use at most about 33 MB. This is the maximum value, assuming that you have got available the upload 450 Kbits and assuming that the clip content requires it.

We do not keep no user content in our servers. This is one of our advantages compared to other content sharing services – you do not store your private stuff onsomebody else’sserver. We might add it as a ‘on request’ feature in the future. Therefore you you’ll have stream it again.

But keep in mind that when you show a video to your buddy, it is not necessarily that you see it from the beginning to the end – you might skip to somewhere in the middle, watch couple of minutes and go to another video, or any other use-case flow that you can imagine. On SeeToo session all participants can control the playback.

You do not have to convert anything. If your content is one of the formats that we support (we support most of the video/audio formats), then we’ll do it automatically. No effort is required from your side.

Try us. The service is free of charge.


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