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A few comments regarding your first paragraph:

First of all you have to take each post you read with a grain of salt. Just because you read on this post that a guy lost a client based on his NLE brand doesnt mean that this is a major trend or that this happens all the time. This is one guy out of a kagillion editors that this actually happened too.

Secondly, I find that truly amazing that a client who loves this guys work the whole time all of a sudden drops him just because he finds out hes using a certain editing system. Im sure you and everyone else reading this for that mater must find that WACKED! Its like going to your favorite breakfast joint for 5 years because they have the best hash browns in the world but then you find out that theyre cooking them on an electric stove instead of gas stove so you stop going. Its all about the finished product! WHO CARES how you got there! WOW!

As far as your second paragraph:

Im not going to get into an argument because I think were still talking about two different things here. Im more or less talking about Super Studios and TV stations where you are (I think anyway) talking about basic stand alone NLE systems. Im not bashing FCP by any means because it is VERY good NLE but (IMO) it still comes down to personal preferences in the end.


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