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Won’t happen unless you don’t care if it looks like junk. The resolution of the video will be shot by then. With all of the decompressing and recompressing and reshaping needed, the video will look like it came out of a blender in the end. I’m sure a public museum paying money to have this done won’t stand for something that looks bad!

I don’t understand – Even assuming 1080i (which is what 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution) – NTSC SD is 720 X 480 pixels so figure about six SD screens can fit onto one 1080i screen (three columns, two rows) – Since there is additional DVD SD source videos, why not put a few of them on the screen at one time, fading in and out between the six panels and adding some text and graphics around them – Put some good music in the BG and fade/cut at appropriate points and maybe you’ve just salvaged the old video and given them something they could use?

Thats just what I was thinking!

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