birdcat Wrote:I personally


birdcat Wrote:

I personally think that is the crux of the whole matter – Everyone has a preference for NLE (some more than one). I have found my comfort zone with Vegas, others prefer Avid, other FCP, I even know one guy who actually likes Windows Movie Maker (go figure). As long as the tool does what you need to get the job out on time and on budget, that’s the right tool for you.

Bruce, I totally agree with you 100%!

I’m an Adobe guy myself and if someone was to ask me why I went with them over anybody else… my answer is simple. It’s because that was the first NLE system I started with many moons ago and I just never left. It’s not because I think it’s the best I just picked that one and went with it.


P.S Abobe Premiere Pro is the best! Heee Heee JUST KIDDING! X-D

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