birdcat Wrote:I must apolo


birdcat Wrote:

I must apologize here – I looked into this and you are indeed correct about Avid – I had never heard of or seen the high end portion of their offerings. Probably due to the cost of their “professional” line. The only stuff from them I had seen was the consumer/prosumer line, which is not what is being used by Hollywood/TV studios.

Again, my humble and public apologies.

You don’t have to apologize. I kind of figured we were on two different wave lengths. I actually found out that NBC used Avid during the Olympics. The reason you don’t hear much about it is because a super loaded system with all of the high end hardware can get up to $35,000.00. These systems can edit HD in real time like it’s nothing. I guess you would have to because they don’t have time to wait for stuff to render before it goes on the air. The reason this is used all the time is because it can handle any video format out there and it packs a pretty good punch.

You’re right though. You never hear that much about the super Avid systems on this forum. They probably have their own special forum were the “BIG DAWGS” bark.


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