birdcat wrote “it;s how go


birdcat wrote “it;s how good you can use what you have.”, which is exactly right. The human factor is the biggest factor in video production. No need for expensive gear if you don’t know how to use it properly.

As to this assertion:

“You don’t need books. Just go out and start shooting.”

I feel it’s a one-sided way of looking at video production. Video production is a complex field to work in, where a thousands factors play a role as to the end result. To say that you only have to do one thing in order to master it, doesn’t ring true to me. I think you need to draw on help and information from a wide area of sources. It’s true that you need to go out and make videos in order to get practical experience and practice what you know in theory. But you need to read as well. You need to communicate with others and get tips and feedback about what you’re doing. You need to watch videos made by others, and pay attention to how programs and movies are made while watching them. In order to be good at video, you need to use many sources to learn from. Going out to shoot IS a good idea, but it’s not the ONLY thing you need to do.

Excuse the italics, not my fault.

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