birdcat, the idea about sh


birdcat, the idea about shipping it seems to be the best way as others have said. I have seen this advice given for a lot of different applications. Students going away to school who are flying to their destination would ship their clothes so that they would have something to wear when they go to class etc. Of course, the time frame of your departure and arrival maybe too close to allow for shipping. I too have used theplastic plumbing pipe idea for fishing rods. If you approach the person working in the plumbing department at Q depot, they should be able to help you with the parts needed to make your ‘shipping container’. The pipe comes in different thickness and therefore better for resisting crushing.Schedule 80 or even schedule 40 is much more formible than just plain PVC. Don’t forget to allow enough room in the inside for wrapping around the tripod and at either end in bubble wrap or other packing. Good luck.

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