@birdcat – thanks for the


@birdcat – thanks for the feedback and areas of improvement. It was my first video edit moving from Movie Maker to Premiere and a voice over didn’t cross my mind for that opening scene… Will next time though. At the end, do you mean not using a roll and just a blank screen with words? Or after the roll, go to a blank screen? I agree on the edits, I’m still learning how to make better edits in Premiere and I will get better.

@Jennifer, thanks for the notes. I will try your tip about being further away, I also just purchased a shot gun mic so i will try that as well πŸ™‚ I was learning how to use the ‘write’ feature on Premiere’s audio mixer for fading in and out. Kind of hard with one mouse and two channels to control at the same time in opposite directions! I was focusing on the music as the main piece with fade ins of a few of the sound captured on video i.e. the lion turns around and the kids yell. I have to learn how to fade individual audio pieces. The tutorial I watched used the mixer.

@Andrew, thank you!

Positive praise feels good guys.

A vision, the rule of thirds, and action,


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