Birdcat sez: ” What they d


Birdcat sez: ” What they don’t tell you #1: You gotta feed everyone! “

Years ago I was recording sound on a VERY low-budget 16mmfilm for Tom Spaulding in an ” ethnic ” church in Louisville. It was supposed to be a music video featuring 3 or 4 gospel music groups. As we were getting set up, a ” community organizer ” appeared who severely scolded us for making a movie “without a plot “. She insisted that we film an entire mock wedding ceremony which would then supply a reason for the gospel music as a celebration of the wedding. This diversion cost us valuable time. As the shoot progressed into the evening, the crew began to grumble about not having a meal break, so Tom sent his assistant, Sally, out to rustle up some fast food which she brought back and set up in the church’s kitchen in the basement. When we took our break, we were horified to find that the ” congregation ” who had also been rounded up by this community organizer person had discovered the Colonel Sanders spread and had assumed that it was there for THEM!

Rick Crampton

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