Birdcat, I’ve been thinkin


Birdcat, I’ve been thinking about your point 3… and most songs would be incidental, but what spurred this thread was (for example) the “wedding couple dance” — whereas shooting the couple’s first “official” dance together would really be kinda silly without having the actual song they dance to, making it an integral part of that video segment.

The second point is (as you point out), if the DMCA would find it worth their while to pursue going after the videographer for this kind of infringement.

Part of my question is this, If the DJ service “paid” for the rights to play it at the wedding, and I capture it in the video, then is it covered by the DJ’s right to use the song. (This is where, I beleive, the “incidental” part comes in.) Just thinking out loud now.

Thanks for the input.

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