Bill Thanks for the input.



Thanks for the input. I look forward to seeing the video you took with it. Based on your review so far, what I read on-line is correct that some of the manual control features that are listed on Sony’s website are not available on the camera. This makes me wonder was there a problem with the firmware release to get the camera out and it will be corrected with a future firmware update or was the on line material wrong. I have no first hadknowledgeof the VG10 but I have read it has a lot of the manual setting that are not available on the VG20 such as color, sharpness, and picture profiles that you mentioned in your review.

With that said I am still interested in the camera. I would love to have the FS100 but don’t see that one making the budget anytime soon. So I may wait awhile longer and see if Sony addresses any of the firmware issues.

Thank again for the Info.


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