@Bill, Switch cameras, giv


@Bill, Switch cameras, give your wife the HD, If she is going to shoot from the air HD is the way for her to go. My mind is racing because of the thought of shooting SD when HD is an option from the air.

OK let me get a grip, Give her the HD camera, let her shoot from the air, you use the SD camera. Shooting from the ground to the air of the balloon in SD will not be that bad, you will have a mostly blue backdrop with a splash of balloon, not a lot of worry about detail, and no need to zoom tight on the wife once she is far up, but while on the ground yes.

Once you goto editing edit the SD video first, trip, crop remove the audio what ever you want to do with it. Just make sure you edit all the footage from the SD into a separate file. If the SD camera is shoot in 4:3 do not alter that setting.

OK now save the file in the highest and best quality format your software will allow without altering it. Mine is set to default at 720, if I want better I have to choose.

Now bring in your HD video and edit out what you do not intend to use from it. Then save in 1080.

Now in editing make your movie, use what footage you want and splice together.

When saving save in the 1080 of the HD, (use part of this footage as first clip) and the effect will be that from the balloon the viewer sees the HD and from the ground SD. It will go back from 16:9 (HD) to 4:3 (SD) but it may work out good since the SD will be from the ground. You have a very workable idea, just let your imagination take off with the balloon on how to use the HD/SD footage.

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