Bill, not sure about Vimeo


Bill, not sure about Vimeo’s policy (and they might be similar to YouTube), but usually if YouTube is made aware of a copyright violation, they remove the video from public view and allow the owner to change out the music. They have a library of free-to-use music that one can drop in. This is made up of songs that certain artists have allowed to be used. The “fair use” concept also comes into play when dealing with certain types of video projects that are made for different reasons (parody, educational, etc.). It also may be that the artist or record label doesn’t really mind that their intellectual property is being used, and appreciates the publicity.

When I was deployed to Kosovo, we produced several video montages (aka “Hooah videos”) featuring footage and photos of Soldiers doing their jobs. One video included “He’s a Pirate” from Pirates of the Caribbean, and the other was Toby Keith’s “American Soldier.” They weren’t done for profit, or used to sell anything. But guess which one got pulled…? Hint: Disney guards their intellectual property like Fort Knox.

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