@Bill Bruner PERFECT! That


@Bill Bruner

PERFECT! That’s exactly what I wanted. Links to stuff! I’m visual so it helps 100%.

I’m buying a Steadicam-like stabilizer, ASAP. Looking for used.

I’m also buying the 3 softboxes and a black/white/green backdrop. AWESOME. Now I can do video ANYWHERE I can carry that bag to! (Good price for me to!)

I should have asked first and purchased the Azden VHF WMS-PRO, before purchasing the SONY wireless one that I’ve already had to send BACK to the guys at Sony for the static!

@WSanford – I will definitely look post about the camera and software. I REALLY need help with that area!

Stablizer getting one, lighting to. I plan to hit the mall and talk to the ladies that do make up all day at the major stores.


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