First THANK YOU for such a thorough reply! I have not seen a better reason why to get the Black Magic Cinema Camera instead of a typical small sensor prosumer type like what I as looking at. My first thought was to use the camcorder for wide focus shots and cut in with the T4 for shallow depth of field, but after reading your complete reply and watching the videos you included that clearly is nonsense on my part.


Really there is no comparison in the image quality in fact I would take your Pocket Cinema camera image over the ones I mentioned originally. My original reason for not considering the BMCC was what I read about the workflow, but reading you explanation of RAW and grading it seems the high workflow demand is necessary to get the proper final product so I will just have to build a better workstation to handle it, which in the end I imagine will be a lot cheaper than sending inferior codec footage to be graded which I intended to do from the start.


Again thanks for all the help, ordering the eBook.




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