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bigdavec81 Wrote:

I am thinking of buying a canon GL2, and I want to buy wireless mics for it. Does anyone have a GL2, and have a suggestion as to what brand I should buy, or which is compatible. Thanks for the help!

I have two of these cameras and hook them up with Azden wireless equipment. You have plenty of options to work with and the prices aren’t all that bad.

Don’t buy them from there for there you pay the full clip. I would look at B & H Photo. They are very reputable and have pretty good prices. In fact I noticed your other post regarding where to buy equipment and here again I would go to B & H.

Be very wary of website out there that offer super cheap prices. This has been talked about a lot on this forum and 99% of the time they are rip-offs. If you have a question regarding a website check them out on this link to see how they rank.


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