Big Screen Wrote:O.K that’


Big Screen Wrote:

O.K that’s that. More Ram it is. New question. I’ve been looking at ram and there’s at lot of numbers and letters involved. SDDR, PC3300, and a lot more. Anyone care to explain this. I don’t really need a 2 page techinical explination, just a recommend a good one.
Would anyone really buy a used 512 ram chip? How much would it be worth? I know. Just ebay it and hope for the best.
Also, do you think it’s worth the money to purchase the XLR/Mini adapters with only the sound card that came with my computer, I guess that’s the motherboard?

I already have a subscription to Videomaker πŸ˜‰

Thank for your reply’s

Hi Big Screen, if you surf into [url] [/url] and follow the instructions the site will check you computer and tell you exactly what type of memory you require, how many slots you have and are available. You cant go far wrong here mate.

Tim Sparling

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