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First I need to say that I have never used either of those camcorders. However……I’ve been reading in many forums and magazines about those camcorders, as well as a few others, and here’s what I’ve learned:

JVC HD200 (or even the less expensive HD110) — Very sharp image; limited to 720p; lots of well-positioned manual controls; shoulder mount design excellent if not using tripod; HDV encoding means possible motion artifacts with massive subject motion. HDV audio quality is OK but not quite as good as with the other 2 camcorders listed here.

Panasonic HVX200 — Intra-frame compression does excellent job of handling massive subject motion; very nice natural color; 4:2:2 color encoding helpful if doing post-production tweaks or compositing; versatile frame rates and resolutions; image sharpness not quite as good as the competition; media is expensive, but transfers to computer quickly.

Sony PMW-EX1 — Very sharp image; no significant motion artifacts (even though it uses inter-frame compression); media cost-per-minute more than with HDV, but not as bad as with HVX200.

Bottom line: Well, a year ago, I would have said go with the HVX200. Now I say go with the EX1 if you can afford it. If that’s too expensive, go with the HD110. BTW, Videofreak brings up a valid point about tape being good for archiving.

Good luck,

Ken Hull

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