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I would have gone ahead and shot it (if they would still let me). IF it is true that the writer director of any oscar winning movie. You cant buy that kind of contact. I could imagine you are trying to find some contacts right now and just meeting this person would be worth shooting the wedding. As they say in this business its not what you know its who you know. You should take every opportunity to meet people who work in the industry. You never know what could happen. I would suggest however to maybe try to get on as a producer for a local station or something that involves writing so that you can stay in practice and meet some people in the industry. The person I replaced at my station is now working as an animator on the new Garfield and another as yet unnamed feature film. Many of the other people at my station move on to Cali to work on feature films a producer at my station also just finished a re-write for a feature film(3m budget). I imagine (correct me if i am wrong) with the amount of education you have you will want to move on to something bigger and better like that. When I got out of school I started a wedding business to make some money until I could get a job at a good production house. It was just too boring. While you could get somewhat creative with the reception and the open and close I couldn’t get into it. I got a job at a small station and just love it. I have pretty much total creative freedom within the subject matter. I am not making quite as much money as if I had made as much as I was projecting to be making with the wedding business if it had continued as it was when I quit. I am however much happier (having weekends is great) and my career looks better because my next employer will like to see a three letter broadcasting network over a unheard of wedding production company. One nice thing is that now I have a bunch of equipment to produce my own projects with. Not to say that weddings are not a great thing to do. I have seen some excellent (cinema quality) producitons in the very high end while reaserching for my company. The money can be great too. If your good at production, marketing and business.

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