Best sound would be from a


Best sound would be from a lavaliere mic on each actor, one input to camera Channel 1, the other to Channel 2. That will give you control in the edit and provide good clean sound. In a small flat you might possibly get by with a good shotgun mic on the camera, but the lavs will be ever so much better.

The blue and white gels may create problems. Experiment before you shoot. Neither color is particularly flattering to skin tones. Since you’re shooting in your flat you may be able to use lights within the place — e.g., floor lamp, table lamps, etc. Using a bit of foam-core you can bounce light into the dark areas and create a very realistic atmosphere. The incandescent lamps will give you a nice warm feel to the room.

If daylight from a window is required, use it as your key and use the foam-core reflector for fill. Try not to use incandescent lights with daylight, however, as one is quite blue, the other quite yellow.

Trust your monitor. If it looks right on the monitor you’ve done a good job, regardless of your light sources.

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