Benjamin – First thing I

David DotyDavid Doty

Benjamin – First thing I think is causing problem would be using such a small drive ( 60 gig ) for your OS and Vegas and I am guessing you also have a few other programs like DVD Architect, email, and browser software on that same boot drive ( at the least ). You did not mention which Windows OS you are running or whether it is 32 or 64 bit ( which would determine how much of your ram can be used – remember a 32 bit Widows OS can only use at best 4 gigs of ram – but I have to think you don't have enough space for a properly sized swap file. The rule of thumb that I have followed for the last 15 years is to have at least 25% of your OS drive empty. I also think that if your mobo can handle an I7 processor – I would make that move now – even if your mobo only supports Gen 1 I7 processors. I have a 1st gen I7 ( 920 processor ) system running Win 7 home 64 bit, 18 gigs of slower ram, 3 7200 rpm hard drives, a GTX 260 (1.75 gig ddr3 ) videocard, and a 27 and 23 inch monitor running off of the GTX 260. I can run Vegas 11 in preview at 29.97 fps with absolutely no problem. To reiterate – 8 core processors have more throughput than quad core – available space for a proper swap file is critical – and 64 bit OS's can address more ram than 32 bit OS's. Also one thing no one has mentioned – even if you are running a 64 bit OS – are you running the 32 or 64 bit version of Vegas 11 – that also could make a big difference. Any questions – shoot me an email to

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