Beinganerd I can hopefully


Beinganerd I can hopefullyoffer yousome advice aboutcomputer monitors (which based on the size youare talking about,I assume you’ll beusingitas acomputer monitor).

Firstofall,letmesay that ALL (no exceptions)19″ monitorsare TNpanelsmeaningtheyare6-bit colorinsteadof 8-bit.Thismeans theycan’t do “true” color (they onlydisplay approx.262,000 colors and can “fake” approximately 16.2 million colors). An 8-bit monitor can to “true” 16.7 million colors.

That beingsaid, evenan 8-bit monitorisn’tthe end-all of monitors.It stillneedsto becolorcalibrated and even after this point it’s not a perfect solution (LCD’s don’t have the best contrast, and are controlled by your video card which does processing on the video so it’s not true to the video you actually have).

What Iwouldrecomend is that you get yourselfa decent CRTtelevision (even a small onewill work well) and hookthis up to yourcomputer viafirewire (youcanuseaconverter box,camcorder,or something elseto convert from firewiretocomposite).This willallow your NLEtooutputthevideo through firewireto the external monitor without yourcomputer’svideocard getting “inthe way”andwill give you the most accurate representation of yourvideo.

Just to give you an example, my computer has an 8-bit monitor so I can get “decent” representation of my video on my computer. I also hook up my camera via firewire to my computer, then a television to the camcorder through composite and tell my NLE to use it as an external monitor through firewire. It’s not perfect, but I’ve done a “rough” calibration of the colors on both my monitor and the TV and I get pretty good results this way. This is just a basic setup and isn’t perfect, but I’m in no way a professional, so it works for me.

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