Being a performing artistm


Being a performing artistmyself, I am often filming other performers who, by their very nature, perform outdoors in public places. While it’s not an event, per se, on any given day you can find said performers here in Boulder on the downtown mall. Of course, other people are in the shots. That’s why the performers are there. I’ve had the notion of “public places” and “no expectation of privacy” over that past 14 years.

I once came upon a band of musicians on the mall that was being shot handheld by a woman. I set up my tripod behind her and kept her out of my shots. She thanked the band after their song was done then turned to see my setup. She freaked out then did the “hand over the lens” thing to me informing me I “can’t do that!”. (Ha ha…punks!). I was pretending to listen but really laughing my head offinside because I had already gotten my shots and the camera was off. I pointed out to Miss Clairol that tourists had also been videoing the band…not just me.I then asked her why she didn’t try to stop these other videographers. She replied it was because of my tripod. (?) I realized she was a goof and left.

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