Being a long-time owner an


Being a long-time owner and user of an XL1s rig I get your love of the XL2. Seeing how Rob put it ‘you’re going to end up down converting it to SD’ for the majority of your output, you may just consider getting another XL2. If you’re doing 2 camera shoots, getting the imagery from two different model cameras to match up is tough to do without a serious working knowledge of camera settings and monitor support. The XH-A1s would be a better match and you could shoot in DV with it on a 2 camera shoot with your XL2. Unless you specifically want to build an HD archive and depending on what your clients want it would be a lot less headache to just shoot in DV.

Far as 1080p vs. 1080i vs 720p goes, I dig 720p. You get great imagery, the clips take up less space on drives and unless your client asks for 1080p specifically they can’t tell the difference anyway. I’ve moved away from interlaced video because I end up ‘deinterlacing’ it anyway to cut down on those funky interlace artifacts that show up when a subject moves on screen.

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