Before I can really give a


Before I can really give advice, I need to know more.

For starters, what sort of quality do you need? WIll anything work, or do you need a professional camera?

What capacity do you need a camera for? Is this just for a helmet cam, or did you have other ideas? Do you even need a whole camera with a recording deck, or do you just need a camera to pass images down to another device for recording.

If all you need is a small camera for a helmet or something similar, try this camera. It has a simple dongle that allows to to connect the composite video (the yellow "RCA" plug) cable and the power cable, which you can either plug into a transformer and run on house voltage, or you can plug into a battery pack that runs off standard (and therefore cheap) household batteries.

If you want total wireless on this, you can buy a wireless video transmitter at Super Circuits as well (or you can get one from Wal-Mart). Then all you need is a place on your subject’s body for the transmitter and two battery packs.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, by all means, elucidate on your needs and we can help you.

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