Before any video can be re


Before any video can be recorded onto a DVD it MUST be converted to MPEG2. The fact that your DVD plays in a DVD player means that the application you used to make the disc did this for you. However, it used a default setting which is more than likely the culprit. You’ll have to dig around inside your DVD application to locate where the setting are and how to change them. Never set the video bitrate to more than 7MBps. Up to 7MBps is ok but any higher and the disc could skip while playing (too much data and the player may not be able to keep up). If there’s a quality adjuster, set it to max. Be sure to use quality blank DVDs (-R is preferred over +R). VBR (variable bitrate) will generally provide a smaller file size (depending on the content of the video). I use VBR exclusively but some may argue that CBR (Constant bitrate) is better for playback. A 2-pass transcoding will obviously take longer but does tend to provide a slightly better picture and smaller file size. Try this and see if it helps.

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