Been awhile since I looked


Been awhile since I looked, and I’m kneedeep into some production, as well as preparing my newly arrived Mac Pro, and making room “what a concept” by dragging out some of the stuff I HATE to throw away – which is just about every video, computer and web magazine, every old pair of boots I probably ever owned (dunno why, guess I thought I’d eventually get them re-soled), clothes I haven’t worn in three years or longer, not to mention hundreds and hundreds of old vhs tapes, S-VHS master tapes, how-to videos for stuff that isn’t around any longer to want to know how to.

So, sometime this next week I will fire it up and remind myself of what all was in that G3, and post the info. Even though you’re just curious, there might be somebody who could use one for whatever for a really, REALLY good price.

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