Becky,I have two Canon GL1


I have two Canon GL1s and one XL1that occasionally have similar issues. Changing out your head cleaner is always a good idea. I realize it is not ideal under every circumstance, but I try to clean the head whenever I change tapes.

The many ideaspresented above are all good suggestions. Here are a fewthoughts not mentioned previously:

  • All DV tapes aremetal vapor, which isexactlywhatit sounds like:Microscopic metal particles are super-heated to a vapor and adhered to the tape substrate in a vacuum chamber. This type of tape is great because itproduces a very high quality picture, but itcan alsobe more prone to flaking, causingtape drop-out and head clogs, resulting in image loss.
  • Tapes that have been stored a long time or under poor conditionscan be more prone to flaking. A few years ago we had to dispose of an entire batch of tape that we felt wecould no longer trust, because of poor performance. If you order tapes by the carton, see if you can find the lot numbers and manufacturing dates on the carton when you take delivery. It could have been sitting in a hot warehouse for years before it arrived on your doorstep.
  • Different tape manufacturers use different lubricants on the back side of the tape to reduce friction in the tape path. These lubricants can combine on the capstan and rollers in unexpected ways, producing a sticky build-up inside the camcorder. It may help to reduce problems if you choose a singlebrand of tape, rather than shopping for the best price.

These may or may not apply to you, I just thought these ideas might help others withsimilar issues.

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