Because of my special requ


Because of my special requirements, Ihave recently bought and am now using, a ‘Panasonic’HDC-SD900. I have to carry all of my gear over long distances at times and I certainly have no objection to this camcorder’s high level of portability. Apart from the fact that we all have lists of ‘would-like-to-haves’, I find this camcorder to be almostideal for my purposes and I have a growing catalogue of video-clips, to prove the point. In fact, I chose this model for its excellent manual-focussing, amongst its other features.

Only one ‘gripe’. Since I occasionally carry my camcorder, on its tripod, over my shoulder while walking between locations which are not too far apart, why, Oh why,did the designers not put a positive ‘lock’ on the pull-out screen? For safety, I always place a rubber-band around the rear of my camcorder when I have finished shooting, just in case the damned thing accidentally ‘catches’ on something between shots and is wrenched-off, or damaged.

And, CKI don’t be carried away by ‘bigness’, or what looks ‘professional’.Quite a number of years ago, a professional photographerwhom I knew of, was invited to a school’s 100th-year Anniversary. You know the thing, the requirement to take, probably, hundreds of ‘class-of-xx-year’ and similar photographs over a long weekend.He took along a large and impressive looking ‘plate’ camera and retired under the black hood at intervals to ‘do-the-business’. All went well, until someone began poking around his camera to get a better look at some item of detail and found that the plate-camera didn’t seem to have a ‘normal’ lens. And so, he ‘dug’ some-more and found, to his great surprise, that nestled snugly inside the camera, mounted on its own little bracket, was a second camera, a Leica M3, in fact. The ‘exposure’ of this seeming scam, produced consternation, and a bit of fancy-footing in the excuses department, but all was OK, once the school committee accepted his explanation that the results would be of the highest order, which apparently, on the release of the ‘proofs’, they turned out to be.

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