Beachtek all the way for t


Beachtek all the way for the xlr…they even have units made specifically to work with the FX1. As for the Mic, well you get what you pay for but I like audio technica and shure. If you can afford a litepanels micro led, it is definitely the way to go, but B&H has all the lights you could ever imagine, and they range in price from almost nothing to as expensive as your camera. Just look at the features and decide what you need. Finally the battery pack: You may want to take a look at the Anton Bauer ElipZ system. It’s a full camera system that has compatible accessories such as a light and such. you can find it on B&H.

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The best new video tech at CES 2019

Every year, we head to CES to check out the latest innovations in consumer technology and look for the next big thing in video production. CES 2019 was no exception.